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Thema: I want to buy a new piano for my sister.

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    I want to buy a new piano for my sister.

    Hello everyone. I want to buy a new piano for my sister's birthday. Can you give me some recommends? Thanks.

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    hello & welcome to the forum

    do you want a digitally based piano or a hybrid piano or an acoustic piano ?

    based on the forum, Music Store Cologne is a big dealer and the maintainer of the site & forum

    in GB you will use special plugs with 240 voltage & a 3 pin jack with 3 pins & 13 ampere fine fuse

    worldwide power adaptors from 100-260 volts are build with different wall plug transformers for different countries.

    how much do you want to spend ? Yamaha is not bad with 88 hammered keys, different sounds like P 45 or Y 103 Arius, Y 143 up to Transacoustic Hybrid Piano with acoustic-digital so called transducer, Rhythms ie. Styles or Midi Files integrated in CLP Models.

    Kurzweil is more famous known in USA like i use. Kawai has ja great range, Korg, Dexibell Italia, Blüthner Leipzig, Casio with Bechstein like AP 260

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