falls jemand es vermisst haben sollte ;-)

Es ist in Englisch (ich texte auch nur Englisch), deshalb kopiere ich einfach einmal meine Ankündigung aus einem anderen Forum:

I have reinstated my old blog “lyrics in progress”. After discontinuing the blog on Overblog because of their aggressive advertising it lived in the shadows of my homepage as a kind of news box. These days I replaced my homepage with a new blog to begin anew: basic articles on approaches, song structures, or rhyming, and of course insights into my ongoing projects. I may not be THE expert on songwriting, but I don’t mix up bridge and lift either, or teach people obscure British vocables - no offense meant, should the person concerned read this ;-)

One of my first articles is about the “lyrics first approach” that most (hobby) lyricists seem to favor yet which might not be the most promising road.


I look forward to hearing from you.